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Tired of wine books that pack too much information and not enough fun? Look no further for Sheila Callan’s Girlfriends & Wine wine tasting guide shares how wine tasting is an experience and not just another thing to do.

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Let Sheila Callan’s Girlfriends & Wine informative and entertaining wine guide lead you through wine culture and how much fun it creates. She shares interesting and fun ideas about how to indulge in your preferences to let go and have fun.

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About Us

Girlfriends & Wine wine tasting guide, is a fun, flirty, entertaining, and informative wine guide for the novice wine lover ages 21 to the young at heart. Girlfriends & Wine is an introductory guide for those who want to learn a little more about wine while making it fun and exciting. This book may be the catalyst that propels one into wanting to learn all aspects of wine culture.

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The book is visually appealing making you want to turn the page, and throughout the book you are reminded that it all comes down to personal preference; so enjoy! The book is great as a fun and entertaining gift, and already has great reviews from readers who love the layout and tips on buying wine.